Transforming Community through Biobased Regenerative Systems

Biofuels & Biomass Recycling: Restaurant Services


Waste to fuel to transportation

Green Oil began as a spin out from Carolina Biodiesel, LLC, to allow the profitable division of waste oil collecting and processing to flourish and find its own investment capital. It is now the “umbrella organization” for a broader approach and national brand to a more sustainable future, and based on:

  • reducing fossil fuel, carbon intensity our economies and
  • designing community-scale, waste biomass and renewable plant-based systems.

Market failure and externalities, volatility in energy markets, large economies of scale and lack of investment capital, has made small-scale, distributed renewable biofuel production extremely challenged. Using life-cycle analysis, biofuels made from virgin, industrial agricultural feedstock are simply not "renewable" even though they are plant-based. Large petroleum imputs from industrial agrcultural chemicals, like fertilizers and pesticides, and transportation distances from prodction to markets increase the "footprints" of these fuels and make them unsustainable. Local waste-based biodiesel should be the only biofuel that can acheive the Renewable Indentification Number (RINS) a form of tradable credits that correct for market failure.

Though its time may come, waste-based biofuels can not be profitable without public-private sector partnerships to internalize all the many public-good values of this energy system. In the meantime, Green Oil continues to demonstrate the right approach to solving community-based, sustainable development challenges through its GOAL and Eco-Innovation Park Models

For more information about Restaurant Services and Waste-Based Biofuels and Biomass Recycling, link Carolina Biodiesel, LLC

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