Transforming Community through Biobased Regenerative Systems

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Invest and Divest—like your life depended on it!

It is critical that these resilient and regenerative plant waste and plant-based economic strategies are properly capitalized, both in financial resources and human capacity. They are our future, along with solar and other renewable energy, materials and closed loop socio-economic systems. Sadly, market failure and externalties keep these industries from being able to compete, as the true cost of unsustainable and dirty energy industries are not reflected in their prices, reverberating thru our whole economy and making the cost of everything unreflective of the world we want. For information on how to invest(divest), email us and we can send our business plans and docs. and follow us on our Facebook Pages, which contain lots of good helpful articles on a range of issues from sustainable farming, land use and energy policies, to helpful around the home solutions and strategies.

Buy our products and services

Though it seems we are pedaling on the proverbial gerbil toy, but we are pretty sure buying our stuff helps, at least until that universal paycheck comes in the mail(LOL)?!

We sell top self, local organic CBD, biodiesel and transportation, and the OCEIP site is now producing a range of seasonal veggies ourselves or through several CSAs we have arranged with local farmers. We also have a network of friends and businesses that can help you or your business lower its footprint, build resiliency and go green. Our hourly rates are competitive and service “priceless.” Check in or sign up by emailing us,

Tours and Events

OCEIP offers a unique experience for guests to see state-of-the-art efforts to build a more sustainable and resilient future. Greenway already has strong contacts in the event planning community and it has brought university students to the site in the Fall of 2019 during the height of the hemp growing season, to great excitement, over the potential of the industry. Given its proximity to major urban areas and universities, and two interstates, this holds the possibility of generating income and numerous beneficial relationships in education and business.

Please contact us you would like to schedule a tour or event:

The Forest Foundation
3604 Southern Dr.
Efland, NC 27243

Rent Shared Space

The 12kft2 building has 10Kft2 of warehouse and is ideal for manufacturing (previously metal fabrication and textile plants). It includes an industrial roof that could handle the weight of green roof system, concrete floors, 14 ft girder ceiling (no pillars), CFL lighting, 3 loading docks, forklift, 3-phase electrical: 480/277 Volts with step-down transformers at the building interior that provide 208/120 Volt service, compressed and vacuum air (180PSI/-100HG), and septic field.

In addition the land is Orange County zoned “I1” (Light Industrial). There are 4 offices and conference room with internet, 1 acre of agricultural land (currently using drip irrigated to grow heirloom tomatoes and industrial hemp), 1⁄4 acre hoop greenhouse, grow room, 1⁄2 acre of parking adjacent to rail spur, industrially zoned land, and it is one minute from I-85.