Why Donate Your Oil?

  • Reduce cost — rather than you paying to have the oil removed or paying taxes on the income;
  • Be a supporter of local, community-based, sustainable decentralized energy production. TFF will provide a window sign and brochures detailing this project and your support of it;
  • Using waste oil for local fuel is better than paying a renderer to sell it into the animal feed industry, particularly given the problem of prions and mad-cow disease infecting foods;
  • Use higher quality oils, can improve the taste of your foods and the health of your customers, while also providing a higher-value oil for producing fuel.

After the oil is donated to GREEN OIL, we process it and/or use it for biodiesel fuel for local consumption.

GREEN OIL can also arrange to have your trap grease removed – please ask if you’d like more information about this. The information on this page applies to fryer oil only.


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