What You Need to Do

Email or Call GREEN OIL COMPANY (info@carolinabiofuels.org919-957-1500) to talk about your needs. We’ll set up an appointment for us to learn about your needs and leave a collection container, and pick up the first batch of oil. We’ll also ask you about the type and quantity of oil you’ll have in order to prepare a non-binding contract.  Some companies will bind you into unfavorable contracts that cost you and place you in legal jeopardy, we don’t.

In addition to the oil container, we’ll provide some information on good ways to let people know that you’re supporting environmental projects and local, sustainable energy production by donating your oil.

Once we have the oil, we’ll test it to determine its quality and to let us know how much processing we’ll have to do before it can be made into biodiesel.  Clean oil is critical.

Costs & Taxes

There’s no cost to you. You’re donating used oil. You also avoid the taxes of selling the oil.

You can also deduct the value of the oil if you roll the used asset to one of your partners.  The amount of your tax deduction depends not only by the amount of oil donated, but also by the quality of the oil. We will be happy to advise and help with this.

Other Benefits

Oil collection containers and infrastructure

Communities are now requiring secondary containment and cover for waste oil containers to reduce impacts to storm water run off.  This can also have the secondary benefit of improving the quality of the used oil by keeping rain out the the containers. Our containers can improve the aesthetic of your facility, while helping employ local construction labor.  We work with several local, under-employed minority firms to maximize the social justice component of what we do.

We can and will help you improve the management of your oil over time.  Managing your oil is important; the quality of the oil — both before and after a restaurant uses it — affects the biodiesel conversion process (and will have an effect on the value to us, and the value of your tax deduction).

Hood and equipment cleaning.

We work with local, small and minority owned businesses we work that offer competitive and high quality services.

Energy and sustainability audits, Solar Thermal installations.

Our passion is sustainability and resiliency and in most cases doing the environment right can also put money in your pocket.  An energy and facility audit can help you save money in both the short and long run.  Solar hot water systems make sense and can pay back in just a few years, and put money in your pocket, impressing your customers in your commitment to community and Planet.

Local food networking

The local food movement in the Triangle is growing fast and CSA’ and options for hand-crafted foods are enormous.  By increasing your procurement to these sources, you can improve the quality of your food, and help increase food resiliency and availability in the area.  This will reap rewards from your customers, and improve food security as climate disruption unfolds.

Cross-marketing and advertising

Through our partner businesses, we can offer you not only connections and contacts but increased customer flow by purchasing Gift Cards and offering cross-marketing and advertising.  Our biodiesel is used by many businesses in the community and Greenway Transit, a partner at the GOAL Site, shuttles thousands per month and offers advertising and cross-marketing in and on their buses.  Other opportunities exist to cross-market on websites and at events.  These help build relationships and community and have many side benefits.


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